At issue is whether work experience and continuing education/training ensure impartial assessment of continuing competence of certified persons, the emphasis being on impartial assessment.  ISO/IEC 17024 defines assessment as “process that evaluates a person’s fulfillment of the requirements of the certification scheme”[2]; and impartiality as “presence of objectivity.”[3] Typically this is achieved through the administration of third-party assessments.

While it is generally accepted that continuing education/training or education activities contribute to continuing competence, training in and of itself is not necessarily an assessment activity.  In instances in which training has an assessment, the assessment can measure continued competence, but impartiality may not be achieved if the assessment is administered by a second party (e.g. trainer or instructor), or if it is self-declared (e.g. certified person documents training completed).  Assessments that are administered by a third-party would meet the criteria of impartiality.

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