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The Future of the RTSCC Work

The RTSCC was formed in 2016 to educate stakeholders, including the public, about the importance of effective lifelong learning programs administered by voluntary credentialing organizations, health professional licensing boards, and hospitals and other health care delivery institutions. These programs protect the public, promote patient safety and help ensure high quality health care services for everyone. The RTSCC also sought to address a growing movement to lower professional standards for health care providers.  Additionally, the RTSCC’ work addressed individuals and groups at the state and national level asking state legislatures and regulators to abandon the external, data-driven validation afforded by the certification and certification maintenance process.

To have the greatest impact on its mission of patient/public education, the RTSCC recognized the powerful potential to continue its public education work through larger organizations/groups to leverage their existing networks. On March 21, 2019, the RTSCC voted to dissolve the coalition, transferring the public education work to the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).  Regarding legislative endeavors, the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC) was founded in July 2018 to address efforts to enact state legislation that would undermine the activities or recognition of certifications developed or offered by non-governmental, private certification organizations. Through these two efforts—ICE and the PCC, along with continued work of passionate professionals and leaders, the RTSCC’s agenda is sure to continue to move forward.

We invite you to continue to address the potential erosion of these important standards. Learn more about the work being continued through the ICE here ( and the work of the PCC here (